Whether Aeronautical Engineering Help in Becoming a Pilot

Nowadays, many candidates are taking up Aeronautical Engineering course since it imparts multi-faceted training to students in industries like development and manufacturing of missiles and aircrafts. These aeronautical engineering candidates can also get job in the field of defense for the development of advanced technologies. Since these candidates are getting jobs in the development of aircraft, they have a doubt whether it would be possible to become a pilot with a graduation in aeronautical engineering. The clarification to this doubt is given below:

To become a pilot:

All that is required to become a pilot is 10+2 with mathematics, physics and chemistry. Apart from this, one year training is also required. Some medical and health qualifications are also required for becoming a pilot. The pay scale will be good, but at the present situation there is a problem due to financial crisis all over the world. An aeronautical engineer can therefore easily become a pilot with proper training and he should also be eligible from health point of view.

But, according to experts, it is better for the aeronautical engineering graduates to take up a career in their own field rather than becoming a pilot. This is because, the candidate competing for the post of pilot are in high number as compared to the post of aeronautical engineer. Also, the job security is more in the case of aeronautical engineer as compared to the pilot. The engineer can acquire more knowledge as compared to the pilot. Even though, a person can earn more as a pilot as compared to the engineer, he will have to wait for around two or three years for moving from the seat of a co-pilot to the seat of the pilot.

Therefore, it is possible for an aeronautical engineer to become a pilot.


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