Projects In Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering has gradually emerged as the favored engineering course for a lot of students in the past few years. A lot of reputed institutes in India including the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) offer a wide range of courses in aeronautical engineering. In most of these institutes Aeronautical courses are a 3-4 year course and cover a wide area of topics to make the student proficient in the field of aircraft engineering. The final year of this course requires students to do a project and most of the credit marks for the last semester is based on this project. So students are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to do their projects. Often the institutes themselves support the students who come up with a plausible and entirely new project idea.

Usually small groups of students get together and work out an idea for their project. There are plenty of ideas and topics covered by students while preparing their projects. A student of IIT did a project on designing building and testing a jet engine. In addition to this there was also a project on aircraft icing and wind tunnel tests. Some projects looked at how existing designs of aircraft wings can be improved. An ambitious project was the building of an airplane and testing it in the X-plane.

Some of the projects undertaken by IIT Madras over the last few years include the following-
Aerodynamic Load Estimation of a Helicopter Rotor in Hover and Climb and Development of a Computer Code which was sponsored by IDF.

Study of Flow through Axi symmetric / 2-D Variable area C D Nozzles sponsored by ADA.
A Distributed Problem Solver for Navier Stokes Equations sponsored by IRDF. Analysis of Flow Through Air Augmented Rockets and of an air breathing hypersonic flying test bed sponsored by ISRO.

Some other unique ideas on which aeronautical projects were done include space aviation, structure of a new Boeing, history and technology of a Concorde etc. For many years there has been a constant search for a newer, stronger and more durable material than carbon fiber and duralumin.


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