Online Aeronautical Engineering

There are many people whose dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer often remain unfulfilled as they are unable to get into their dream colleges which offer courses in this field .But they always have a second option where they can obtain the degree online from the various institutes which offer online Aeronautical degrees. These degrees are the branch of either aerospace or aeronautical engineering. An advantage of an online degree is that along with fresh graduates even working professionals can obtain this degree and enhance their existing profile. Students applying for this online degree can earn associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in Aeronautics.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for Online Aeronautical Degrees are extremely variable and it entirely depends on the particular course and the particular institute to which you apply. Most institutes abroad prefer it more if you are experienced and have some years of work in the engineering field behind you. One of the premier institutes offering online aeronautical engineering degrees is the Embry-Riddle’s Aeronautical University.

You have to complete minimum 60 credit hours to obtain the online Associate of Science degree in Professional Aeronautics program in this university. The syllabus for the online course here includes subjects such as Aviation Legislation, Economics, Business Statistics, English as well as Aeronautical Science for Management and Physics. But if you want an online Bachelor of Science degrees in Professional Aeronautics then you have to work a bit harder as then you have to complete 120 credit hours. The subjects under this professional aeronautics course are Financial Accounting, Aviation Safety, Aviation Law and Basic Aircraft Performance. If you are interested in the Master of Aeronautical Science program then you must complete a minimum 36 credit hours and this course includes subject such as Space studies, Management, Safety systems, Operations and Education technology.

Some of the online degrees given by this institute are- Master in Aviation Management, Guidance and Control, Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, EngiNet Programs and many more.


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