Future prospects for Aeronautical Engineering

The graduates in the field of aeronautical engineering are highly valued and are currently in great demand. According to experts, the demand for the aeronautical engineers will be increasing and they have great future prospects as well. These graduates can find jobs in the following fields:

  • Leading aerospace companies.
  • Armed forces.
  • Government departments like department of environment, transport and regions, department of trade and industry and ministry of defense as well.
  • Defense procurement agency, defense evaluation and research agency.
  • Airline operators.
  • Regulatory authorities like Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Companies manufacturing products for supplying to the aerospace industry and companies providing technical services to the aerospace industry.
  • The aeronautical engineers are employed in missiles, spacecrafts and design and manufacture of aircrafts. There is a wide range of companies working in innovative new designs for aircrafts and the aeronautical engineers are sure to get well-paid jobs in any of the above-mentioned industries.

    When it comes to issue of missiles, there are many government funded institutions working for different military projects. The objective of these companies is the production of missiles and similar technologies for improving the defensive capabilities of a country. These projects provide an excellent opportunity for the aeronautical engineers.

    Apart from India, the aeronautical engineers can also get jobs abroad in countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The Aeronautical engineering are well placed in space research organizations as well.

    At the beginning, candidates will begin to work as junior engineers or graduate engineer trainees and depending on their performance, aptitude and academic background, they are selected for training in the support section or aircraft maintenance. On successful completion of the training they are placed as assistant technical officers or assistant aircraft engineers at a good pay rate.

    So, the future prospects are excellent in the field of aeronautical engineering.


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